Unfinished Project:Grey Matter Series

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The Cycle

It took me a while to type these words. My ego/inner teenager is healing or I’m finally taking the initiative to heal her. I name my blog the unfinished project because for many people battling mental health issues especially depression, you face lack of interest. Sometimes your energy is spent trying to function with mental health disease and therefore many projects we start become unfinished. I have started many projects and now that I come to a certain place in my healing I want to accomplish finishing my projects. This blog is one of many projects I hope to not “finish”. I want it to be forever continuous helping others in their journey to better mental health. 

In The Mood For Food

A Quick Bite… I Miss Whole Foods Yes, Whole Foods can be overrated and overpriced but the one thing I could not take away from them is their hot bar. Whole Foods had the best hot bar in the DMV. They always offered a variety of foods from American cuisine to Mediterranean eats. I also…Continue reading »

In The Mood For Food

Food & Restaurant Review Farewell  406 H street Washington, DC 20002 It’s been scientifically proven that the food we eat can affect our mental health. I’ve been trying to eat healthier and get more vegetables in my diet by being plant based. Burger King had been in the news for introducing the impossible whopper made…Continue reading »


I wasn’t aware of my belief system until I started watching videos on Leeor Alexandra and Dr. Joe Dispenza. My belief system was built around my bad experiences. Because people treated me badly, I believed it was my fault for their treatment and that my life would always be that way. I believed I didn’t…Continue reading »


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